It’s finally finished!  Yes, this is all of the song I’m doing but by all means play as many other songs with it as you like.  We recommend Hips Don’t Lie, Talk Dirty to Me, and Tight Pants Body Rolls.


mcsiggy (Colors!), Homestuck (Source Media!), Katolilly’s Manip (It’s all her fault!)

[S] Cronus: Put Some Lipstick On

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I was tagged by cheeks for the ALS ice bucket challenge. It was cold and I stuttered a bit but here it is.

I tag: solarisgaudium chromaticcatastrophe blindstargazer and chibi-selene

As well as anyone who wants to show support.

Have fun guys and don’t forget to go to the website and support.


Ice bucket - but I’m lame


I was nominated and tagged by askpitchandjack (ya jerk).  There is no video because I’m lame and can’t do videos/have a good enough phone to really do videos/nor do I have video programs I understand anyway.

So all I could manage was a screen cap because I have no way of video recording myself - proof that I did it can be linked to chibi-selene.  She’s the person I Skype called to do the thing.

It wasn’t bad, actually - very refreshing.

I nominate : kingholly and your muse mrbunnymund (yes I’m nominating a muse), citrusfrosttwist , keepers-of-the-tor , ask-posey-and-friends , aster-of-the-bunnymunds / only-1-a , of-the-pookan-race , nikolaecuza and… basicallydragonbait

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Whelp looks like I’ll be doing a thing tomorrow. Heehee I know who to tag too.