Ok before you say anything. I am trying to update at least one picture a day. So for today, you get a neat one and…… Yeah I don’t really know what to say.

1. The top picture was just an experiment and a way to diverse my sketchbook, but it ended up looking really cool and I sort of rolled with it and added the blue and pink as lighting for some fun. The lighting is what I’m most proud of.

2. This one is of an older Hiccup! I really wanted to go by the rumors I’ve been hearing about the second movie. Those rumors being that he’s five years older, and that he’s supposed to be better looking than Jack. So I went with it and tried my hand at keeping him the same in his facial features but aging him up quite a bit. It didn’t work to well and his nose lost it’s roundness I put there before. But I thought you guys might enjoy it. I would also imagine he has a lot more confidence in himself after training all those dragons.

Anatomy is off a lot but eh I’ll get over it.

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