Hey, guys! Happy new year! Sorry I didn’t get to it last night buuuut I did now.

The main reason I’m making this text post is to ask for a bit of help. I have two days before I head back to college, and I would really like to finish up my sketchbook before I head back.

I have a total of fourteen pages I have to fill up. So this is where my request comes in, please send in some ideas that I’ll fill those pages up with.I’m having a hard time filling it up because of art block. It can be anything. Except something nsfw.

Like you can send me some pairings, or a character acting a certain way. Or something completely random and exotic. I just want to finish this sketchbook. It’ll be my fourth sketchbook to have finished in a little over a year, so I would like to finish it before I crack open my new one.

Thanks in advance for the help.