It’s finally finished!  Yes, this is all of the song I’m doing but by all means play as many other songs with it as you like.  We recommend Hips Don’t Lie, Talk Dirty to Me, and Tight Pants Body Rolls.


mcsiggy (Colors!), Homestuck (Source Media!), Katolilly’s Manip (It’s all her fault!)

[S] Cronus: Put Some Lipstick On

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Hey, guys! Happy new year! Sorry I didn’t get to it last night buuuut I did now.

The main reason I’m making this text post is to ask for a bit of help. I have two days before I head back to college, and I would really like to finish up my sketchbook before I head back.

I have a total of fourteen pages I have to fill up. So this is where my request comes in, please send in some ideas that I’ll fill those pages up with.I’m having a hard time filling it up because of art block. It can be anything. Except something nsfw.

Like you can send me some pairings, or a character acting a certain way. Or something completely random and exotic. I just want to finish this sketchbook. It’ll be my fourth sketchbook to have finished in a little over a year, so I would like to finish it before I crack open my new one.

Thanks in advance for the help.